3 Tips For Meeting Women While At The Hotel Bar

Are you wondering how to meet women while at the hotel bar? Spending a night or two or longer at a hotel can be fun, and one of the best parts of spending time there is going to the hotel bar. With that said, here are three tips to help you meet women at the hotel bar.

Make Small Talk

Meeting lonely women at the hotel bar is easier than you think and the main reason why many men fail at it is because they don’t approach women to start small talk. If they do, the chances are they are using a cheesy pickup line. Approach a woman at the bar in a calm and confidence manner and make small chat right off the bat, but make sure the conversation is relevant to something. For example, if she is reading a book, start a conversation about the book or if there’s something on the bar’s television that she’s watching, start a conversation about that.

Hotel Bar

Order Something For Her

If you notice a woman at the hotel bar and you want to get her attention, then order her a drink or a dessert. There are two ways of going about this, with one being you can just go ahead and order anything or you can approach her and ask if you can order her a dessert or a meal, but not a drink because she might automatically assume you are hitting on here. It’s fine to order her a drink if you don’t plan on approaching her first, but if you do approach her, just food will be fine. Trust us when we say this method works very well.

Ask Her To Dance Or Join Your For A Movie

Ask the woman you have your eyes on if she’d like to dance, if the hotel bar has a dance floor or area. The chances are she will say yes, and if she doesn’t, then don’t worry and just offer her a dessert or meal and see what she says. If things go well, then invite her to your hotel room for a movie or to watch television.

The bottom line is meeting women at the hotel bar is like any other bar you go to with the purpose of meeting women. The only difference is a hotel bar tends to be more laid back and filled with people who are from out of town. With that said, the three tips discussed above should help you out.