5 Cheap Ways to Tour Budapest’s Best Attractions

There is no doubt that Budapest is one of the most satisfying tourist destinations in Europe. First, the usual prices in the city are relatively more affordable compared to other tourist destinations. Second, Budapest has a lot of things to offer when it comes to food and leisure. You can either visit museums to learn about Hungary’s rich history, go to local places for food tasting, or visit a thermal bath for the experience.


And last but not least, visitors have more flexible options when it comes to moving around. You can decide whether you want your trip to be more convenient (by using paid services to move around) or to be more affordable. Here are the five most popular ways to tour Budapest.

5 Ways to Tour Budapest

1.     By Walking

Walking tours in Budapest are relatively cheap and are an enjoyable experience. Depending on your accommodation, you can tour parts of Budapest with significant discounts (for attractions such as the Magyar Allami Operahaz, Heroes’ Square, and Budapest museums) or for free (for attractions like the Buda Castle). Even on free tours, you can expect local guides who are fluent in English and is very knowledgeable about the area. Most tours don’t require any bookings, but you need to show up on time to catch the tour provided.

2.     Hop-On a Big Bus

Another famous and efficient way to move around Budapest is by taking tours offered by big busses. Often called Hop-On Hop-Off Tours, these big busses don’t require you to memorize any transportation system names. This is perfect for people who have a short visiting time in Budapest. You have to hop on, enjoy the experience, and explore the city with your family, friends, or loved ones. Depending on your service package, the bus is valid for one, two, or three days.

hop on hop off budapest

3.     Optional Boat Rides

If you have the time and additional funds for your bus ride, you can often get optional boat rides. Passengers are often offered a discounted optional unlimited boat rides to explore the city. This is a very effective time saver for people who have multiple locations to cover. Additionally, for folks who want a little luxury, you can book in cruises that are offered in the Danube River.

Budapest Dinner Cruises

4.     Eco-friendly Bike Tours

Not all cheap touring options include a hectic walking session all over Budapest. There are several yours that offers bike tours for people who want a more culture-immersive experience. Bike tours usually last for two hours, covering attractions such as the Szabadság Square, where the guide and the visitors waltz over Heroes’ Square, Varosliget, and the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

5.     Ride an e-Scooter

And last but not least, you can book several e-Scooters with your friends or your family for a comfortable and easy ride around Budapest. There are several itineraries available for this option. The three of the most popular routes for e-Scooters are included the complete Budapest Route, the Margit Sziget garden route, and the riverside run.

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