7 Things to Do For a Memorable Bar Tour in Budapest

Budapest has a lot of activities for everyone, and when it comes to nightlife, there is a lot that you cannot exhaust, especially if you are a teen. As usual, you have to respect the Hungarian culture if you want to get the best out of this city. By now you should know that not everyone in Hungary speaks English and perhaps you will find it tough if you don’t have a local guide to help you out.

To make your Budapest bar tour and overall visit more memorable here are some of the things you should remember to do:

Dinner Cruises

It is along the Danube River where you can relax as you take your dinner while receiving excitement, Hungarian culture, and fun. If you are a fan of the historical and architectural sightseeing, then you have the Danube as your destination. You will have lots of drinks while sightseeing. There are also chances of showcasing your dancing skills. This can be a great alternative of pub crawl Budapest which you have been doing every night.


Visiting Hosok Tere

This is one of the most famous spots for both tourists and locals. If you like statues, history, and even monuments, this is the place to go. You will be allowed to take photos of your memories. This is the location where there are Hungary’s art museums and an unknown soldier’s tomb.


Going to Opera house

If you are not much pleased with history, then you can enjoy some Hungarian culture and their arts at the famous Opera House. You will enjoy the festivals and different live music.


Visiting various ruin pubs

If you are in Budapest bar tour, then you cannot evade attending various ruin pubs that are well-stocked with lots of drinks, entertainment, and cuisines. These are most flocked areas in Budapest where many are involved in parties and pub crawls

Staying in Budapest




Visiting Chain Bridge

You don’t have to spend your afternoon indoors after having a pub crawl Budapest till morning. You have Chain Bridge where you can enjoy the cool breeze as you walk. If you go early in the morning, you can take photos with the amazing parliament buildings view.


Visiting Szechenyi Baths

This is an excellent way of closing your evening by visiting this spa bath. There are lots of huge bathtubs, snacks, jacuzzis, and many people you can have as friends. This is an excellent place to make new Hungarian friends.


Pub Crawls

Budapest bar tour cannot be complete without having pub crawls. There are always bar crawls almost every night, especially weekends. You need to identify the best pub offering the services and join them up. There are drinks, fan, and of course, great friends.


If you are planning of having a pub crawl Budapest in various ruin pubs, you will always have a guide because there are pubs that are dedicated to organizing outstanding pub crawls. By the end of your tour, you will end up liking Hungarian meal and drinks like Palinka which you should never leave Budapest without taking. Consequently, you will have new friends.