Adventure holidays that offering completely different experiences

I enjoy adventure holidays that offer me the chance of completely different experiences.  There are two such contrasting experiences on offer in The United Arab Emirates that that showcase the exotically old and the ultra in modernity: The Desert Safari (in which you explore the Abu Dhabi desert) and the Dubai Helicopter Ride (that provides a spectacular view over Dubai). 

The United Arab Emirates is a perfect destination for those seeking adventure holidays.  One of this destination’s greatest qualities is its ability to combine both the old and the new and repackage it for everybody to enjoy.  Whether you are searching for an extremely exotic location steeped in culture, or the most modern of cities, the United Arab Emirates offers both in abundance.  Activities include balloon flights, stand-up paddle tours, morning and afternoon kayaking and trekking in wadis and up rugged peaks.  Here though, are two of my favourites:

Desert Safari: Exploring the Abu Dhabi desert

Here you’ll set out into the desert and race up tall dunes.  Then you’ll encounter camels and traditional life at night in a Bedouin camp, before enjoying a feast and a return home through the desert beneath the stars!

Abu Dhabi Desert

I think all travellers accept that there is so much on offer in the city of Dubai, but it is so easy to step away from the metropolis and enjoy a completely different experience.  Embarking on a desert safari tour brings you straight into world of the eerily beautiful Arabian Desert.  Here you will encounter vast landscapes with a vast sky, beautiful sunsets, and yes of course, camels.

The team will give you a 6-hour tour beginning at 3:30pm with a pick up from your hotel in Abu Dhabi.  Be assured that the professional driver and the local team are experts.

Together you will set out over the dunes.  Driving over dunes is known as “dune bashing” and is thoroughly exhilarating as well as a quite unique experience.  After this, you can relax at sunset at a camel farm and meet the camels.  Next, it’s to a traditional camp, where the famous Arabi hospitality will be very impressive.  Here you will encounter belly dancing, shisha, henna painting, and the traditional Arabian serving of dates and coffee. As night descends upon the desert, you will then be presented with a feast: a BBQ dinner and a dancing show.  The view of the stars at night here is wonderful.  Your driver will drive you back to your hotel at approximately 9:30pm, and you will no doubt never forget this experience.


Dubai Helicopter Ride.

This is quite simply one of the most exciting and unique flying experiences on offer.  All of the famous sites can be buzzed from the air: the Burj Khalifa, the Aquaventure Water Park, the Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Beach coastline, the Jumeirah Palm Islands, and the World Islands.

Prior to the flight, you gear yourself up in Alpha Tour’s five-star helipad and helicopter-lounge tour at Atlantis, the Palm, and then off you go: flying over Dubai for 15 exhilarating minutes.  Your pilot will help point out everything of interest as you swoop over this remarkable city, before finally taking you back to the helipad.  It’s doubtful that you will ever be able to forget this experience.

Dubai Helicopter Ride