Apartments for Rent in Sihanoukville: The Best Areas to Choose

There is no shortage of apartments for rent in Sihanoukville, and with new ones sprouting all over the city, there is something to suit everyone’s budget and needs. Here are some of the best Sihanoukville neighborhoods where you can find the best apartments for rent.

Most of the center of the city is already built, and there aren’t too many new western style type of residential buildings. However, the existing ones are top quality and feature all the amenities that one could ask for. At the same time, thanks to the massive flow of Chinese workers and tourists, finding an apartment for rent in the center of Sihanoukville can be challenging as most of them are occupied.

Sihanoukville apartment

If you don’t want to stay in the center then heading to the beaches is where you want to go. There are several beaches in which there are great hotels and apartments for rent. There are even plenty in development to meet the demand that is constantly growing. Plus, almost all apartments in the beach areas come with exquisite views. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Ocheuteal Beach is around 3KM long strip of white sand featuring Casuarina and Tamarisk trees. Just meters behind the beach is a line of hotels and residential buildings from where you can rent an apartment. That’s in the northern part of the beach, while the southern region remains relatively underdeveloped.
  • Otres Beach is a bit more modest than Ocheuteal Beach in terms of real estate opportunities, as there are fewer hotels and residential buildings. This 4.6 KM strip of white sand is the preferred lodging place for westerners. There are some unconfirmed rumors that both local and foreign investors are about to invest heavily in this area. But, there isn’t any official confirmation of this information so far. The existing few residential apartments and hotels are built with the utmost quality and follow the highest standards.
  • Serendipity Beach is just 600 meters long and is situated just north of the Ocheuteal Beach. Even if it is one of the smallest ones, it still has small hotels, guesthouses, and residential buildings nearby. This beach is very popular with backpackers and tourists and offers accommodation for every budget. It is mainly known for its restaurants and nightlife. Most of the apartments for rent there are decent, not high-end, and primarily used by western tourists. They come with air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet, and pretty much anything else the typical western would like to see in an apartment.

Sihanoukville apartment

Aside from the beaches and the city center, the northern part of the town is a place where there are several residential apartment buildings, as well as few in the making. They are of good quality and follow the western standard of living. Plus, renting an apartment there is cheaper than renting an apartment on the beach. The only downside is that you are ten minutes from the center of the city and twenty or so minutes from the beaches.