At Crossroads with Four Seasons

Being the most populous of all cities in Australia, the city of Sydney is also the capital of New South Wales. Situated on the south eastern coastal strip of the Tasmanian Sea, the Sydney people known as Syndeysiders are a mix of international and cosmopolitan communities. Sydney was found in the year 1788 and the credit goes to Arthur Philiip. Today Sydney is known for its lovely bays and rivers and lovely beaches and inlets. It also has the most famous hotels around.

The Four Seasons Hotel at Sydney is one such mentionable hotel and is located at the junction of the business and the leisure regions. Situated on the Historic Rock’s Area, it has a beautiful view of the The Opera House and is coupled with the beauty of the Harbour Bridge. This is the place where people come for business, some celebrations and sometimes even for leisure. The hotel is as much a part of Sydney as the Sydney Opera. The Winner of Conde Nast and also a Leisure Award Winner, the hotel has the best spa in the city. The rooms are very comfortable and overlook the beautiful harbor. The lounges in the hotel are convenient and comfortable. The hotel is open all day and there is a ballroom for around 600 people. If it is for a performance then this ballroom accommodates around 950 people.

Four Seasons Sydney

There are small rooms too and the smallest room can accommodate around 24 people. The cuisine here is entirely Australian and there is a lot of importance given to seafood. The wine cellar here is a favourite.

There are fine dining facilities in the hotel and it is not very far off. The fitness centre here also has all the facilities. There are free weights, punching bags, cardio machines and personal trainers. The juice bar is also a popular joint.

The internet facilities keep them at ease. There are wireless facilities available in the public zones pertaining to the hotel and the speed of the internet is high in all the parts of the hotel. For those who come here for a family trip, there are lot of facilities for the children, with sufficient in house games, babysitting facilities and many day trips.

The Four Seasons Sydney has the largest outdoor pool in the whole country. The facility of spa is exquisite with the Japanese silf facial, a massage from Sweden and also of course aromatherapy.

Ballooning in the hot air balloons is available nearby. Then they could also visit the Hunter Valley, the beaches nearby, like the Bondi Beach which is just around a quarter of an hour walk from the hotel. For the more adventurous, biking facilities are there and also a hike up the mountains is arranged for. A day trek to the Blue Mountain is a favourite. There are biking tours in this hotel which are very popular. Then of course you could go boating and there are yachting facilities.

With many other sports like scuba diving, surfing etc, this hotel is a perfect paradise.