Bali Villa Deals

There’s no doubt part of the experience when traveling to Bali is your luxurious accommodation. First time travelers to the island can find it overwhelming with so many options. Hotels and resorts liter the landscape. It’s no wonder why people could be steered in the wrong direction- myself included.

As a veteran traveler to Bali, I’ve come to learn a few important aspects when picking my accommodations.

Amankila Bali

Say No to the Mega Resorts!

No more staying at those monster hotels or mega resorts. These reasonably priced accommodations are now creating a huge negative carbon footprint for the environment and leaving its solid waste in undesirable numbers. The hard facts remain, hotels and resorts are consuming a large portion of Bali’s fresh water supply. Four-star hotels are said to be using at least 300 liters of water per room/per day. While each year over 700 hectares of sacred and fertile land are being converted into resorts and hotels. Resulting in the suffering of fragile eco systems, including the Balinese culture, ocean habitat and the simplicity of island life.

Private Luxury Villas

A better alternative is to consider a luxury private villa. Private villas are much more eco-friendly, efficient to operate, and sustainable over their mega monster counterparts.

With a little homework and research you’ll find so many wonderful Bali villa deals on the internet. Private villas are available to your specifications in every town, village and city throughout the island. Furthermore, there are luxury villas for sale in Bali if you are looking for a long term investment opportunity.

Bali Villa

Don’t be a Number

Stop being included in the masses of tourist at another resort. When instead, you can get that special Balinese touch from a luxurious villa. You’ll discover that private villas commonly offer individual staffing to serve your holiday needs. This includes shuttle service, scooter rentals, organizing day tours and excursions. As well, your private in-house staff available 24/7 to handle individual requirements, laundry services, day care, and most importantly cooking exceptional meals.

No need to swim in that suspect resort pool with hundreds of other guest. Hired luxurious villa will almost certainly come with a pool of some variety. Whether a plunge pool to cool off or an elaborate infinity pool with breathtaking views. Easy to find Bali villa deals are a dime a dozen with amazing amenities such as these.

Additional Important Amenities and Services

Finding that great Bali villa deal is extremely easy. Particularly when the villa’s standard amenities tick all your boxes. Customize your stay, your way, no hassles- the perfect fit.


There’s other factors to consider when seeking a private villa as well. Usually these additional amenities come stock standard, but should be highlighted nonetheless so you don’t have any undesirable surprises upon your arrival. Always confirm your private villa is absolutely perfect and set up with the amenities you require.

  • Wifi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Kitchen
  • Safe or Deposit Box
  • Airport Transfers
  • Shuttle Services
  • Island Tour Options
  • Complimentary Water, Tea and Coffee
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Toddler Accessories (highchairs, baby cots, etc)

Why I Choose Private Luxurious Villas?

In Bali, I want to feel special, and unique. Including a special place to call my holiday villa instead of my hotel room. I want to be engrossed in the culture, meet locals and learn about the island life.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have made true Balinese friends through my experiences in private villas. In most cases, these friends had worked at the villa while watching over us on our holiday. For their generosity, hospitality and excellent services – I tip my hat. However, and more importantly, it was the Balinese influence and budding friendship that made our holidays so incredibly special.

Sunset on Bali

Sunset on Bali

Today, we communicate with our Balinese friends on a weekly or bi- weekly basis. Over time our mates have moved on from the villa life as they’ve starting new ventures of on their own. Some started families, while others started new businesses in hospitality. My wife and I are always happy to assist whenever possible with our advice, knowledge, and concerns during their stages of growth. To be a part of their lives journey is so rewarding. To be able to help influence their ideas, and nurture a developing business is one major reason why we travel to Bali!