Bamburi Hotels for the Budget Traveler

Bamburi is placed at about twelve kilo meters distance to the north of Mombasa, Kenya. It is one of Kenya’s best beaches on its coast. The pristine sands and crystal clear waters here attract travelers here in tens of thousands from all over the world. There are a good number of Bamburi hotels that cater to the increasing demand from travelers for quality accommodation.

The Bamburi Beach is located in the protected areas of the Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve. The beach has an extensive lagoon, with white sand everywhere. The coral reefs here are popular with divers, and there are a good number of dive shops and sites here. There a huge number of excellent facilities on offer. The beach has thick forests behind it, plus a number of Bamburi hotels there.

Cheap Bamburi Hotels . . .

Although there are not many dirt cheap options for accommodation at Bamburi, there are still a good number of excellent hotels that offer reasonably priced accommodation. There are a good number of facilities and services, plus a good degree of comfort, without being too pricey.

The following are the best options for accommodation in Bamburi –

Bamburi Beach Resort . . .

Bamburi Beach Resort is certainly one of the best options when it comes to lodging in Bamburi.

The tidy hotel complex has the beach almost at the doorstep. There are hotel rooms made of Bamboo, and out door kitchens where you have to help yourself. There is a thatched beach bar here as well. The pricing starts at about US $ 20 – 90. This sum is variable season to season.

Bamburi Beach Resort

Bamburi Beach Resort

Travelers Beach Hotel . . .

The Travelers Beach Hotel is a comfortable hotel, and is not at all pricey. There are a good number of facilities on offer. There are five restaurants here, and this is inclusive of the Suli SUli Grill located at the pool side, as well as the Sher E Punjab, an Indian Restaurant. There is a good range of activities on offer as well.

Fontana . . .

Fontana is a small time establishment under German management. The hotel has comfortable rooms and services, but the spotlight is certainly on the restaurant here, beautifully thatched in safari lodge style. The complex has the beach at less than a hundred m away. The pricing is about 2 500 – 3 000 Kshs, depending on season.