Best Hotels on Koh Rong Island

There may not be any five-star resorts on Koh Rong Island, but that doesn’t mean that there are not any beautiful accommodations for visitors to stay at.  Everyone will be able to find their own little piece of paradise on this island, and many of them will have views of the water or the lush jungle. Here are the best hotels on Koh Rong Island:

Coconutbeach Bungalows

Coconutbeach Bungalows can be found in Daem Thkov Village and guests have a few options when it comes to their accommodations.  There are family rooms, single rooms, rooms with shared bathrooms, and even tents on the sandy beach.  There are plenty of activities for children to participate in at this hotel as well as a laundry service and available breakfast in the mornings.

Coconutbeach Bungalows koh rong

Lonely Beach Eco Resort

There are three types of accommodations at the Lonely Beach Eco Resort including bungalows, bird’s nests, and the Khmer style dormitory.  This resort is surrounded by the jungle, yet it offers a magnificent view of the water as well.  Everything at this resort is as natural as possible including having the lights powered by solar energy.  Guests will love being able to walk to the nearby Prek Svay village, where they can fish, or they can take a trip over to Coral Island for some snorkeling.

Lonely Beach Koh Rong

The Royal Sands

The Royal Sands is one of the more luxurious resorts on the island and they offer spectacular villas for their guests to stay in.  These accommodations can be found on Long Set Beach and they are some of the newer places to stay on Koh Rong Island.  A few of the villas have private pools, which is helpful for those who wish to have privacy during their vacation.

the royal sands koh rong

Nest Beach Club

The Nest Beach Club can be found at 4K Beach and this hostel has twenty-four beds surrounded by privacy curtains.  These accommodations are very quiet, as the jungle is all around it.  The on-site bar and restaurant serves excellent cuisine and drinks, and the tables on the terrace look out towards the water as it flows onto the beach.  At night, music can be heard from the bar area, adding ambiance to the otherwise quiet atmosphere.  The staff plans different events for guests including swimming with the bioluminescent plankton.

Nest Beach Club Koh Rong

These hotels are some of the best on Koh Rong Island and many people choose to stay at them during their time there.  However, there are many other hotels on the island, and depending on what a person wants to do or see on the island, another hotel may meet their needs exceptionally well too.