Come Closer to Paradise in Ubud Hanging Gardens

When we enter the world’s fourth populated country Indonesia with its innumerable islands and provinces we get enthralled by the tranquility and peace that it exudes. Bali is one such island here that is famous for its traditional cultures metalworking, leather, paintings music and dance.

Tourists throng Bali for its mystical beauty and hotels here are there in plenty but the Ubud Hanging Gardens ensures you feel heavenly. With its magnificent location and structural splendor the Ubud Hanging Gardens is not just a hotel but a residence beyond home. Situated on the rice terraces at Ubud, the Ayung River lazily is visible from here and is an absolute feast for the tourist. This villa kind of structure built in typical Bali style gives you the ideal reason to give the place a perfect R& R score.

Ubud Hanging Gardens

William Warren the indigenous architect who got this designed along with John has ensured that the pristine surroundings make it a perfect retreat joint. This surreal atmosphere is broken by the rows of cocoa, durian, bamboo and coffee trees which provide the natural beauty here besides the orchids and the flame trees.

There is a jeep safari which takes you around the nearby areas. For the more sporty tourists there are bicycle facilities besides golfing, river rafting and hiking and also beach activities which would give them the feel of being closer to Mother Nature.

After a long trip and exploring around one gets tired. To get rejuvenated you could visit the spa in the hotel and here you would be best placed if you are in the Ayung Spa. This spa has three pavilions with complete luxurious settings. In the first pavilion, there are two beds for massage and the very popular Balinese sofa. In the other pavilion there is a bathroom with a space for having bath. The bathroom is exotic as it overlooks the river. There is a dressing area alongside the bath and this is complete with all the requirements.

You could also head towards the Yoga center where you could relax with the help of the Yoga classes there.

Nothing is ever complete without good cuisine and Ubud Hanging Gardens engages your taste buds to their limit. The restaurants here are a perfect paradise with their scenic overview and natural beauty. The expanse of the valleys and the gorges are a perfect view from the restaurants. So munch in to the best kind of cuisine over a view of virgin greenery. The temples from the far distance relax your tired mind and the culinary fare tops the experience. The Beduur Restaurant gives the kind that a gourmand could tuck in and there Diatas Pohon Café offers food for the light eaters. The best feel is when one gets the sunset drink at the Bukit Becik Bar. The sky overlooks this haven and the tourist is weak with pleasure.

There are activities for children too and also pool arrangements. Ensure you shop for the carvings and textile here and complete your stay.