Finding the best Apartments in Alexandria VA

Whether you are from the U.S. or from another country such as Japan, finding the best apartment deals in Alexandria, VA may be a difficult feat if you lack the resources and are looking at the wrong places.  Because of the proximity of the city to the capital, Alexandria is a bustling city with a population of 150,000.  Most people who reside in this area are people working for the federal government and for private companies that cater to government projects and services. Therefore, it might seem difficult to find a low-priced apartment with such a high residential demand.  But don’t fret, because you can easily find studio-type apartments to family-suite apartments that would suit your needs and your budget.

For individuals who are planning to move to the area for work, you can find studio-type apartments at reasonable rates.  One option for you is to share a full multi-bedroom living unit with other individuals and rent a room or a bed space for yourself.  This would cost you around $300-800, depending on the size of the room and whether it includes utility expenses or not.  If you really want a solo unit, you can find midrise and high-rise residential buildings that rent out studio suites for $1000-2000.  Of course, you also have to spend on parking fees, association fees, etc. You would not find such spacious apartments in Japan with the same budget.

Apartments in Alexandria VA

For couples or families, you have the option to live in duplexes or single-detached units in the suburbs for $2000-$4000.  It is understandable that the rental fees are quite high because the residential unit is located in a cosmopolitan city.  Nevertheless, deals over $4000 are way too expensive, except if you are expecting luxurious units with ‘the works’.

Most homeowners who rent out their houses or residential buildings often expect their tenants to sign contracts that explain the length of stay, coverage, rental fees, and basic ‘do’s and don’ts’.  Don’t be afraid to enter into such a contract as long as the details you are signing on are fair for you.  Having a good lease contract will help you prevent sudden increases in rental fees and unexpected expenses if the homeowner plans that you shoulder maintenance fees at your unit without your knowledge.  It is best to make the contract notarized so everything would be legal and in ‘black and white’ if things go wrong.

Apartments in Alexandria VA

While going on an apartment hunt, it is advisable to visit your prospective homes three times: during the day, while it’s raining, and at night.  This would help you determine if the neighborhood is safe at night, if it’s too noisy during the day, and if the roof over your bedroom leaks.  Unfortunately, some property-owners are not eager to share such details to you.  Of course, you don’t want to find out too late that something’s wrong when you have already deposited and given an advance or after you have already moved into the apartment.  Lastly, it would not hurt if you ask your would-be neighbors next door about the area.  If they think the place is alright, then you should not expect any problems.  However, if they are not good to talk with and are, in fact, being nasty, that’s the time to think twice about the place.  You can’t live like a hermit anyway. If you are moving from Japan to the US, Alexandria is an ideal destination. Apartment hunting in Alexandria, VA is an enjoyable adventure.  Just take note of these tips and you will surely find yourself the perfect home-sweet-home. Alexandria does not sound familiar to most people from Japan but it can be a good moving destination.