Honeymoon suites at the Honeymoon Inn Manali

The Honeymoon Inn, at Manali specializes in playing host to honeymoon couples, and believed in providing a special experience for couples to assist them in kick starting their marriage in the best possible way. There is a whole number of special attractions that give a touch of luxury to the entire proceedings. In major hotels such as the Honeymoon Inn, Manali, honeymoon suites rank next to presidential suites in terms of luxury, amenities and sheer creature comforts. This shows the importance of this event in most people’s lives.


The hotel is perfect if you prefer mountain location rather than island honeymoon destinations. The importance placed for privacy and intimacy is also substantial. There are a whole range of comforts that are tailor made so as to optimize your experience of one of the most special times in your marriage. The first night is the most magical, and the right setting will go a good way in making the experience extra special. There are various ways through which the intimacy is complemented. There are a number of features that ensure a heavenly time for couples.

Features of Honeymoon suites at Honeymoon Inn

Let us have a good look at the various features that make honeymoon suites stand out.

1) King or Queen Size bed –

This is, and has been, a focal point in a honeymoon since ages. This is obvious as the major theme is of course intimacy. There are various themes that change the appearance, but there is no compromise made of luxury or elegance. Four poster beds, a time tested classic, are extremely popular both for their presence and feel. Contrastingly, there are modern minimalist versions of the bed as well, sleek and in metal. Eastern style beds are also ornate, with engravings and carvings that add to the grandeur.


2) The double size Jacuzzi –

Everyone knows that the bathroom is among the most fun places to be with your better half. Bathrooms in honeymoon suites at Honeymoon hotels generally have Jacuzzis large enough for two, and the experience of lying in a Jacuzzi is really unforgettable. The hot swirling water adds to the experience. All weariness is washed away, as is stress.

3) The Spa –

The effectiveness of a mutual massage session in creating the right mood can not be disputed. Couples love the experience of pampering themselves, and the spa helps them unwind and relieve stress. And this is all in the suite itself, which is the benefit of a private suite.


4) 24 hour room service –

Obviously, honeymoon is the time to indulge, and one can order wine, champagne, chocolates, gourmet dishes, all of these are the right ingredients for romance. Food is now just a button away, and 24 hour room service will help couples have even more fun. There are a good number of features available under honeymoon packages, such as extras in the form of champagne, wine, chocolates, flowers and other items, with compliments from the hotel.