Iririki Island Resort & Spa

Iririki is one of Vanuatu’s oldest and most loved resorts, possibly because the private island is absolutely massive, but also because it is just a very simple coconuts throw to the heart of town, not that you will want to leave This island – oh no, it has everything that paradise requires.

Euro Ricky is a speedy three minute ferry ride from Vanuatu. The main island of a fat egg sets on over 28 hectares and with 137 guestrooms. This is a resort that truly does cater for everyone. For adults.

Iririki Island Resort

Only time out, the infinity pool right beside the resort main bar and restaurant is a kid-free zone, while families flock to the four tier cascading pool, one of the largest in the South Pacific and conveniently located just next to the kids club.

It’s. Open every single day and with a full program of fun games, the island kids club is free for hotel guests. amazing. You Ricky, has been an icon of the Vanuatu tourism scene since the 1980s.

It is home to a huge range of accommodation options from traditional Island ferries to spacious, modern apartments. I think most rooms here offer a view and what of you it is, but not all can boast a spa on the balcony.

Don’t hold back. I say you get the shampoo I’ll, get the bubbles going there’s, a daily activity program with everything from kite safaris, coconut harvesting. So this is how we do it something fast.

This odor totally impressed. Okay, I mean that’s, not as milk that is just the most beautiful the most delicious. Thank you so much snorkel gear, kayaks catamarans. They’re all available free of charge and then there’s.

The activities of an adults-only variety when they told me I would be taking part in watersports. I never in my life thought I would be playing blackjack in the ocean which I ‘ Ve, just learned is the only one in the world.

Iririki Island Resort

Oh, they’ll, realize very quickly. I have never played blackjack before in my life when it comes to food. The resort has a great reputation and with a South American head chef. Well, the signature restaurant has a delicious diverse menu.

Vanuatu is known for its unbelievable sunsets and Eureka offer a daily sunset cruise to circuit all in from the water. This really is one of the most beautiful things that you can do in Vanuatu.

You’ve made it here. Why not get out on the water watch, the sunset check have a little drink and just enjoy the company and being in this beautiful, beautiful spot on earth, the sunset cruise ends at the islands: private beach snorkelers code? Is it a gorgeous and if the mood takes you, there is also the option of a candlelit beach dinner right after you

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