Live it up in African hotels

While in Africa you would want to surely enjoy your stay to the fullest and get the best out of your travel wont you. Well read on to know this and more here as you are taken round a tour of the African hotels.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Alexandria is a great place to go to amongst African hotels. This is a great piece of architecture and has the best location in the area called the Alex West. It is just around 25 minutes from the city of Alexandria and is the ideal place for guests who want pleasure and leisure at the same time. With the best cafes and excellent shopping facilities this hotel has a unique 18 hole golf course which is the best attraction here.

radisson Blu2

There are two pools which are outdoor and the El khan Oriental Café gives you the best Asian meals and the gourmand here is certainly going to enjoy himself. The pools are heated and the restaurants by the pool side are the ideal place to sit back and relax. There are facilities of Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and there is also a wellness zone. There is a facility for the kids to play and the playground and other facilities are comfortable and convenient for the tourists.

This is one of the African hotels which have also facilities for meetings, conferences and seminars too. There is a tennis court which is the ideal place a sports enthusiast would love to spend his time.

Radisson Blu

With its magnificent dome which is made of steel and glass, Radisson Blu Hotel is the ideal place where you would get your money’s worth and live it comfortably through your travel. There are all kinds of facilities and there are also special comforts and conveniences which are good for you. With the lovely waterfront view and the extravagant villas, the airport is just around 8 miles far from this lovely hotel. The Sedar Senghor International Airport lies very near to this hotel. This is a great tourist hub therefore and is the mainstay of a trip in this part of the world. You also have the Filini Restaurant here which gives the best Italian cuisine. There is an all day dining place where you get the best grilled food. The ballroom also gives you the time to get sophisticated and attend banquets and other private get together.

The hotel is also an area where you could shop till you drop as it encloses a great shopping area. There are great facilities for internet access and the laundry service here would ensure that you don’t have to worry about your clothes running out too. In case you are a foodie, then the super breakfast buffet and the lovely lunch ambience is sure to set your taste buds drooling for more. There are extravagant furnishings and the most beautiful of decorations.

The Radisson Blu Hotel is certainly the group of African hotel which would give you the best and yet not pinch your pockets.