Living it up in NYC – Hotel Pennsylvania – Life Beyond

While in New York City, live it up. With all the fringes and laces, NYC offers you the best of experiences and the most comfortable of hotel stays. Reach Madison Square Garden in this city and near the Pennsylvania Station you would find one of the most erstwhile popular Hotel Pennsylvania.

Hotel Pennsylvania has a history of having been constructed by the Pennsylvania Railroad and was controlled by The Statler Hotels since its origin and then renamed it as the Hotel Statler. When Hilton Hotels took over it became the The Statler Hilton. Then it came to be known as the New York Statler, and with an intermittent ownership by the Dunfey Hotels, it came to be known as the The New York Penta, after the Penta group took over. But in the year 1992, the Penta group deteriorated and the hotel got back its original name of Hotel Pennsylvania.

hotel Pensylvania

The hotel in actuality has 23 floors and not 22 if you count from street level. There are also three more stages in the penthouse above. The 21st floor contains the penthouse. There is a lot of confusion about the number of storeys because of the mezzanine floor below. So the name for the mezzanine floor is “lobby mezzanine” thus robbing the actual number of 23 floors to 22.

One of the important cafes in the hotel the Cafe Rouge is a great expanse of architectural elegance. The MCkim Mead and White is the firm which created this brilliant display. The ceiling rises to a height of 22 feet and the whole area is around 58 feet by 142 feet. This could be largest of this kind at that time when it was built. The Café was divided into three parts as it was very huge at that time. The first section was a central floor. This had two terraces. These terraces were a little above the main area of the central floor. The main reason the terraces were built were so that the floor doesn’t look very monotonous. The guests who came here could use the terraces on request. This gave them the full view of the whole floor, its activities and the band too.

The unique Italian touch to the Cafe made it a distinct place and the terracotta wall base and the doors with their unique touch, with the artificial limestone on the walls, the effect of the old wooden beam on the ceilings was enough to make this a class apart from other cafes. Hotel Pennsylvania had this lovely cafe with the color of the ceiling made in such a way that the entire height looked more, and the designs brought about a certain elegance to the ambience. The Café also had a huge fountain from the ceiling to the floor. The windows with their elegant arches gave a different look to the hotel and the artificial arches on the other wall opened out the café’s look. The central floor had a bandstand and on the external wall.

Hotel Pennsylvania with its cafes is very popular. Just feel the experience.