Long Term Rentals In Malaysia – Where Should You Start?

A sea of unending educational and career opportunities, touring destinations, relaxing getaways and transit point of international journeys, all of them call for a stay in Malaysia. The extent and frequency of the stay and also the investment plans to be a part of the booming economy here draw attention to its real estate properties. If you are not in for a permanent stay or you don’t plan to purchase out a property to reside, you will find peace in choosing the right rental properties. Rentals again can be for short-term or long-term. Short-term might be heavier on your pocket but are comfortable.

Long Term Rentals In Malaysia

Long-term rentals are nicely bundled benefits, but  first, think if you need them

If you want to rent on a longer duration, say for a complete season or a few dozen months has its own advantages. If you get a house, apartment or even condos for rent on a long-term basis,

  • You get discounts on the monthly rent and sometimes the security deposit too.
  • Almost all of the properties given on long-term rentals are fully furnished
  • It is quite common to get additional amenities like gym, swimming pool etc. if you rent in gated communities.

How to start the renting process?

Finding a suitable property is not a big deal in Malaysia, and you have many real estate agents to help you with that. Renting always revolves around two main factors. The primary of them is the purpose of your stay, which might be for education, job, healthcare treatment or a long holiday break. The proximity to healthcare or educational facility with easy transportation makes your stay a comfortable one. There are a few things that you have to ensure before you move in

Long Term Rental In Malaysia

  • If you plan to stay for a longer duration, Please ensure that you have a clearly defined contract signed between the owner and you, without hidden clauses and according to the laws of the country.
  • As you will be renting the furniture and appliances, you need to make sure that they all are in good condition and doesn’t have any safety threats.
  • If your permission to stay needs to be renewed for every few days or months, talk to the owner about the possibility of extending your contract if and when your visa gets extended.
  • Please educate yourself with at least the most fundamental regulations for tenants and owners for a Long Term Rental in Malaysia so you don’t have any surprises in the future.
  • Usually, the tenants must pay for the utilities like water and electricity, sometimes in the name of the owner. Proper discussions before you rent will help you clear the confusion right from the start.
  • When you are getting a property on rent for a longer duration of time, there are hidden costs like property maintenance etc, that can be high or low depending on the nature of the property. So. Please ensure that you avoid all these pitfalls if you plan to stay longer in Malaysia.