Miami Hotel Choices – Different Areas for Different Tastes

When planning a vacation, one of the components of the trip is the choice of hotels in Miami. Different people enjoy different types of places to stay. Some are interested in the location of the Miami hotels where others focus on the amenities offered by a particular facility. When traveling here, you will be able to choose among a large variety of hotels in Miami in all price points, offering all range of services, located throughout the city. There are large chain Miami hotels with lots of rooms on site, and there are small family owned facilities with the charm of Southern hospitality. The city of Miami is diverse in culture and offers any manner of taste and style to fit the expectations of its guests. A bit of research on the areas of town will help the vacationer decide between the various Miami hotels. From there, the traveler will be able to narrow the search according to unique preferences offered at Miami hotels and resorts.

Miami Florida, Condominium apartments over the Miami River

The city of Miami and the hotels in Miami are generally grouped into North, South, West and Downtown areas. The North side of town has a large ethnic diversity including African-American and Caribbean immigrants and is home to the wealthier Miami residents. The area is rich in historic architecture from the 1920s and the 1950s. There are several chain Miami hotels in the area, as well as independently owned boutique hotels and resorts. Also present for the vacationer are small businesses containing local art galleries, local music venues and specialty eateries. Your choice of Miami hotels will place you in the midst of the cultures.

The South section of Miami dates back to 1825 with the world famous Coconut Grove. This is a very active area with festivals, art shows, performances and celebrations. Choose Miami hotels in this area to experience the Bahamian influence. The area is often called “Miami’s Food Court.” If tasting local cuisine is high on your list of travel priorities, locate yourself in South Miami for the greatest of all culinary experiences. There are several upscale resorts to choose from along with some cozy family owned accommodations for your Miami hotels. Be sure to travel the Coral Way from your Miami hotels with its canopy of 1,200 banyan trees to experience a truly tropical driving experience.

Miami is deeply influenced by the richness of the Cuban immigrant population. In the West part of town, vacationers will experience a thriving culture of art, music and dining that reflects the Latin heritage. Little Havana is perhaps the most well known part of this area. There are many large and small Miami hotel chains as well as independent accommodations that are sure to delight the traveler. In the area there are weekly festivals and celebrations complete with delicious ethnic foods and music, art and activities. All these areas are worthy destinations for experiencing the soul of Miami.