Museums in Gran Canaria

For those who are interested in island’s history and culture, there are many museums in Gran Canaria. These are some of the recommended museums:

Casa de Colón (Columbus’ House), C/Colón 1, Vegueta Las Palmas. It is an interesting museum where you can learn more about Columbus, his explorations and the connection between the New World and Gran Canaria. The admission is free.

House of Columbus in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

House of Columbus in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Museo Canario (Canary Island Museum), C/Dr Verneau 2, Vegueta, Las Palmas. It is a great place to learn more about the pre-Hispanic culture of the island. There can be found the biggest collection of remains of the Guanche civilisation, with exhibits such as pottery, skulls and mummies. The admission is 3 euros.

Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (Atlantic Modern Art Centre), C/Los Balcones 11, Vegueta, Las Palmas. It is a modern art gallery housed in a 18th century mansion. The exhibitions are temporary from both Canarian and international artists. The admission is free.

Museo Néstor, Las Palmas. Enjoy the works of Gran Canarian symbolist painter Néstor Martín Fernández de la Torre in this small museum. The entrance is 2 euros for adults and free for students.

Museo Elder de la  Ciencia y la Tecnología (Elder Museum of Science and Technology), Parque Santa Catalina, Las Palmas. It is one of the finest museums in Gran Canaria, where both adults and children will find something interesting. Elder is a highly interactive museum which offers a combination of education and entertainment. The admission fee is around 5 euros.

Casa Museo Antonio Padrón, C/Drago 2, Gáldar. It is a small museum dedicated to the expressionist painter Antonio Padrón and set in the studio in his home town. Antonio Padrón was born in Gáldar in 1920 and his works were focussed on Canarian myths, traditions and scenes of daily life. The admission is free.

Cueva Pintada (Painted Cave) Museum and Archaeological Park, C/Audencia 2, Gáldar is one of the most important museums in Gran Canaria. In the mid 19th century the Guanche Cave was found by a local farmer and now it is one of the best examples of Canarian art. In this newly re-opened museum you can admire the mural paintings made by the original island’s inhabitants, see a collection of the archaeological findings, take a look at several pre-Hispanic houses. You can also watch a 3D movie about the conquest process in Gran Canaria. The admission fee is about 6 euros.

Mundo Aborigen, Carretera Playa del Inglés-Fataga, km 6. It is an open-air museum for those who are interested in pre-Hispanic Gran Canaria and the Guanche culture. The museum offers the examples of round stone houses, meeting places, sacred sites, over 100 of the Guanche models. The entrance fee is 12 euros for adults and free for children.

If it is a bad weather on the beach or you simply want to learn more about the island, its history and culture, then visiting one of the museums in Gran Canaria is a great idea. For more tourist activities in Gran Canaria visit If you are looking for Gran Canaria hotels and resorts visit For Gran Canaria official tourist board go to

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