Nizwa hotels – Your home away from home

The oasis city of Nizwa is the biggest city in the Ad Dakhiliyah Region of Oman and possibly one of the most popular tourist attractions thanks to its wealth of historical buildings as well as cultural and ancient landmarks. The gateway to the historic sites of Bahla and Jabrin, Nizwa or the ‘Pearl of Islam’ is an enclosed oasis surrounded by a series of mountains. The town’s vast palm oasis extends along eight kilometers and is splayed across two wadis.

Nizwa, located bang in the centre of Oman is approximately 165 km from the capital city of Muscat. It’s renowned for the lively souq it holds wherein tourists can purchase silver and exquisite jewellery, copper as well as other handicraft items.

The climate is quite cold from November to March. Nizwa comprises of everything from early civilizations to the latest and exclusive entertainment options. There are so many places to visit and look at like the splendid Nizwa Fort and the glorious water falls of Tanuf. The roads are excellent and getting around is quite simple. There are plenty of facilities available to take you across even the smallest village in Nizwa. Those not looking to drive or hire their own vehicle can opt for the local taxis and bus services.

In terms of accommodation, there are plenty of rooms and Nizwa hotels available for rent. These range from deluxe suites to local budget hotels.

If you’re looking for 4 star Nizwa hotels with high class accommodation and exclusivity then you should opt for the Golden Tulip Nizwa Hotel. It is located about an hours drive from Muscat International Airport and is on the outskirts of Nizwa city. The hotel is surrounded by the spectacular view of the rugged Hajar Mountain ranges. This 2 floored hotel has a range of modern amenities like a restaurant, lounge, mini bar, shops/commercial services, television, air conditioning a business and a city center. There is also a buffet breakfast served in the mornings in their in house restaurant named Birkat Al Mawz. The hotel includes a temperature controlled swimming pool, a souvenir shop and a gym. Prices start from about USD 200 per night.

Another great option while checking out the various Nizwa hotels is to stay in the Majan guest house. It’s a very basic place and is located only a couple of miles outside the downtown area. The rooms are big, very clean and the staff is polite and friendly. It is located on the main road which links Firq to historical Nizwa. All the rooms in the hotel have air conditioning, a mini bar and private bathrooms. A family room accommodates about four people and prices start from OMR 55 per night. However, during peak seasons, especially Eid, its best to book before hand. Prices may also increase during the peak season.

For those interested in speciality lodging, opt for the Al Diyar Hotel. Prices range from OMR 35 for a single bed to OMR 55 for the suites on a per night basis. The hotel is clean and excellent for business meetings and conferences. The hotel facilities include a swimming pool and a traditional Lebanese restaurant. Indian food is also available at the restaurant. Although it’s just a two-star hotel, the rooms are clean, well furnished and great to stay in. the hotel is also conveniently located. Not to mention very reasonable.