Orchard Hotel Singapore – Luxury redefined!

For those under the impression that Singapore has lost its inner beauty and soul along the way could not be more wrong. Prepare yourself to be mesmerised by the beauty of Asian culture, party till dawn and taste the most luscious food.

Orchard Rd is probably one of the most famous spots in Singapore. In fact its one of the tourist spots you just cannot miss. Once upon a time, the road had a line of pepper and nutmeg plantations. Today, Orchard Rd has become a place for the elite to visit and for the tourists to lose themselves in. Orchard Rd is filled with plenty of spots to shop. Then again there is more to the place than just shopping. The mouth watering Singaporean cuisine will beckon to you and I bet you will never be able to resist the Bak Kut. Once you’re tummy is full, you don’t have to go very far to work off those extra calories you put on. Simply dance the night away at one of the night pubs, clubs and discos open. Some beauty is priceless. The Singaporeans understand that, which is why some of their cultural heritage sights don’t need you to take your credit card along.

Orchard Hotel Singapore

Now picture a scenario where you could spend your entire holiday living on Orchard Rd (and I bet you will, once you visit here). Now what if I tell you that you can actually live on Orchard Rd; and believe it or not, in a place as luxurious if not more than Orchard Rd itself. Here is where I introduce to you the Orchard Hotel Singapore. To describe it simply, the hotel is classy, trendy, comfortable and wonderful to stay in.

The Orchard Hotel Singapore is the epitome of elegance and luxury subtly entwined with Singaporean culture. It is perfectly located too!!! Obviously, being on Orchard Rd itself, the hotel is a shopaholic’s dream destination. But other than that, the hotel is located only 25 mins from the airport and is quite near the Central Business District, embassies and banks.

Orchard Hotel Singapore3

The 653 rooms are furnished in this fabulous east meets west king of concept, meaning that, the rooms are a blend of both international and local architecture. A Superior room is about 28 sqm. If you opt for a Signature Club room (Regal Red, Ming Blue or Celadon Green) let me warn you that you are actually opting for a slice of paradise. Designed by French interior designer, Pierre Yves Rochon, The Signature Club rooms are both classy and contemporary with thanks to its tinge of European styling and Oriental décor. If you wish to opt for a bigger room, then I suggest you try the Signature Club deluxe rooms, which have a space of about 36 sq m. Then again The Presidential Suite is splayed across 185 km and is easily the best room in the hotel.

If you would like to tease your taste buds, you can choose from one among 5 restaurants in the hotel. The Hua Ting is a beautiful and quaint Chinese Restaurant; the Intermezzo Bar is perfect for some wonderful lively entertainment in the night; the La Terrasse and the Orchard Café is a great option for snacks and meals, while enjoying views of the bustling Orchard Rd and last but not the least, the Poolside Snack Bar, as the name suggests is perfect for some refreshing snacks after a swim.

Orchard Hotel Singapore Swimming Pool

The Orchard Hotel Singapore offers conference and boardroom facilities too for the business traveller.