Reasons to stay at a vacation rental instead of a hotel

Staying at a vacation rental home is a dream come true. Rent a beautiful vacation home right on the beach, or a home in the heart of town. Rent a vacation home that overlooks a golf course, or has a great view of a mountainous area known for it’s incredible powdery snow. It’s all up to what you can afford, and how many people you want to bring that can split the bill.

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Here are the top ten reasons to stay at a vacation rental:

1.LIVE THE DREAM By renting a vacation home, you can be closer to the action. Rent a cottage right on the beach, instead of being cooped up in a stuffy skyscraper, or stuffed into a small hotel room, with people staying in the next room.

2. VACATION HOMES ARE THE WAY TO GO Staying at a vacation rental is increasingly becoming a more popular option than staying at a hotel, with the rental business booming in 2006 with sales of over 133 billion dollars.

3.MORE ROOMS In a vacation home you can have three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a backyard. You can’t get all that in a hotel room!

4.CHEAPER THAN A HOTEL The more adults you bring to share the cost, the less it is to rent a vacation home than staying at several hotel rooms. Stay in to eat, rather than going out to expensive restaurants. You won’t have to tip a bell- hop, or a waiter.

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5.MORE RELAXATION You can just stay home and watch the sunset, rather than running all over, avoiding that tiny hotel room. And you can escape to the back deck and cook your own dinner on the barbie.

6. MORE PRIVACY Mom and Dad get adult time. You can’t get this kind of privacy with two adults and two kids crammed into a hotel suite. You don’t have to listen to the couple in the next room having adult time either.

7.FIND THE BEST DEALS Owners love to give inside information, such as the best local deals, cheapest gas, and the best restaurants. All you have to do is ask that they leave this important information with all the other goodies you asked for.

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8.MORE AMENITIES Have your own hot tub, a kitchen, nicer furniture, and more towels than a hotel or motel could ever offer. Have your own slice of beach if you so desire.

9.MORE TO DO INSIDE When the weather doesn’t cooperate with those vacation plans, stay inside and play board games, watch DVD’s. The homeowner will supply these.

10.FIDO CAN STAY AND PLAY Don’t put Fido in an expensive kennel; bring the dog or the cat along, and let them outside to play in your own backyard. You can’t do that at a hotel!

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Vacation rentals are all the rage these days. Whether you have a family, friends staying with you or when just the two of you want the ultimate in privacy, then a vacation rental home is what you need.