Singapore rentals – A quick overview

Singapore has been famous for plenty of things besides being a fun travel destination. This city is also a prime education hub for those looking to pursue higher education. In terms of travel, this city offers a wide range of entertainment spots. So there is something for everyone. In the year 2018, there was a 6.2 % increase  in tourist arrival and spending patterns. This is a city where there is a high density of immigrants moving in for studies or a job. Fintech is expected to lead to the further expansion of the Singapore job market. So if you are planning to move to Singapore for a new job or if you are a resident looking for the best rental accommodation in Singapore there are plenty of options to explore.

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Understand the options available

When it comes to Singapore rentals, there are apartments, condos, HDB flats, bungalows, villas, and townhouses. There are the budget-friendly public housing options like HDB flats and some extravagant villas to rent in Singapore. So whether it is a simple lifestyle on a shoestring budget or a lavish lifestyle that thoroughly blends with the modern culture of the city Singapore offers options to suit every requirement.

Consider long term vs. short term

Most of the low budget accommodation and even some of the HDB flats might ask for more extended lock-in period for tenancy. For all the renters looking for short term stay, there are short term rentals with lock-in period as low as three months. It would be a good idea to learn about the minimum stay requirement imposed by the landlord before finalizing the deal.


Which neighborhood to choose?

  • When the renter finalizes the most convenient neighborhood then finding the right house becomes so much simpler. It also gives an excellent foundation to the search process as checking out the listings and arranging for site visits also becomes easy.
  • From a variety of shopping spots to the proximity to the favorite trekking spots in the Southern Ridges, Bukit Merah offers plenty of benefits. This is also an ideal place for low budget rentals.
  • Moderately priced rental accommodations along with access to the best healthcare facilities can be enjoyed in Whampoa.
  • TanjongPagar, Holland Village and TiongBahru are among the favorites for rental accommodation among most of the younger crowd moving to Singapore.
  • For the safer, quieter accommodation for families, there is the East Coast region with several housing complexes.
  • For the renters who are ready to splurge on the rent and fully experience the life of Singapore and also explore all of its lively entertainment locations, Sentosa is the place to be.
  • Whichever neighborhood the renter chooses, it is imperative to be clear about the various terms of the tenancy agreement. There are hidden costs that sometimes trap the renters. So it is essential to know about the total charges involved in maintenance and other expenses besides the periodic rent payments. Taking a look into all of these factors would help get the best rental deal.