Six reasons to stay at a vacation rental instead of a hotel

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Holiday rental benefits:
When booking accommodation for your next holiday, why not consider a self catering holiday home instead of a hotel? With a huge number of holiday villas and apartments available worldwide you are sure to find the perfect accommodation for you. As you will see, there can be many benefits including cost, flexibility, convenience, location and increased privacy and personal space.

Family Vacations

One of the more obvious benefits of renting holiday homes is the price. To give you an example, for a family of four to rent this 2 bedroom holiday apartment in the Costa del Sol, which is close to the beach, restaurants includes and use of the complex’s pool would cost around 400 in high season.
If you consider that an average hotel would charge approximately 50 per room, for two rooms over 7 nights, therefore costing around 700 so a significant saving of 300 can be made.

If when on holiday you’ve over indulged a little on the previous evening, there can be nothing worse than trying to get up for breakfast when it’s served from 7am 9am – especially when regardless of whether you eat it or not you have already paid for it.
With a self catering holiday, you have the luxury of eating when you like, wherever you like, be it a freshly prepared breakfast in your accommodation or a coffee and a pastry form a local caf.

In private accommodation you have complete freedom to come and go as you please, anytime of the day or night.

With so many holiday homes to chose from all over the world, you are almost guaranteed to find a villa or apartment in an ideal location for your trip. Whether it’s a relaxing villa in the sun, or something more upbeat with city centre apartment minutes walk from the must see attractions, you are bound to find just what you’re looking for.

Privacy and space
Another of the more obvious benefits is the greater volume of personal space inherent with the bulk of private holiday rentals. The difference from having room to move around your holiday rental, rather than being confined to a hotel room can make all the difference. As many holiday apartments and villas, particularly in southern Europe, will have a private balcony or patio there is also more potential for private space to relax outside of the accommodation.