Syria hotels – A traditional stay

Syria or the Syrian Arab Republic is a country located in Western Asia. It is landlocked on three sides with Mediterranean Sea to its west. Recently Syria has undergone a large amount of flak for giving refuge to terrorists. This is not true. Syria is as much populated by terrorists as your house is with a bogeyman. Au contraire to these rumours, Syria is in fact a land with gentle charm hosting open friendly people and is a tourist paradise.

Syria has become more modern and liberal in its approach. However, this does not take away from any of its glorious past. Syria is rich with labyrinthine medieval souqs, Mighty Crusader castles, the ruined city of Palmyra and the ancient cities of Aleppo, Damascus and Bosra. As you walk through these beautiful cities, you’ll relive all those Arabian night stories and almost see Aladdin flying about on his magic carpet. The more your dig into Syria’s treasures, the more you will be rewarded. Yet the highlight of these sights is the fact that they are used on a daily basis by the locals. So when you’re sight seeing you’re actually treated to a great one to one interaction with the locals.

Spring is probably the ideal choice to book your stay in Syria, followed by Autumn. Usually Syria is busiest during July, August, October, Easter and Islamic holidays and its best to book your stay in advance if you’re looking to visit during this period. Almost all Syria hotels say they are open only during summer – April to September and winter from October to March.

However, these rules are not rigid and stay is usually available throughout the year. Damascus and Palmyra are probably the most popular of the Syria hotels and has the widest range of accommodation available.

Four Seasons Hotel

If you’re looking for a luxury stay in Damascus, and for the best of the Syria hotels, Four Seasons is the place you should book yourself into. It’s located right in the heart of the city and is adjacent to a breath taking public garden. Rates begin at about EUR 320 per night for a single suite and may vary depending on the season. The hotel is fully air conditioned, has a pool, various recreational activities, a spa, three restaurants namely the Il Circo, Al Al Halabi and Safran. There is also an option of in room dining. The hotel also has three lounges to pick from like Kithara, Pool Bar and XO.

Beit Al Wali Hotel

For those travellers who are not looking for either heavily luxurious rooms or budgeted rooms, I would suggest the Beit Al Wali Hotel. The hotel is a traditional paradise with its hand crafted wooden ceilings, beautiful intricate architecture and mesmerizing scenery. A mere 3 minute walk from Bab Touma, this beautiful hotel is centrally located. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, buffet breakfast, 24-hour front desk, heating, air conditioning and baggage storage amongst others. The 20-room hotel is available from a starting range of USD 200 per night and may vary depending on the season.

Al-Madinah / City Hotel

For those travellers looking for a budget stay without compromising on the fun or the traditionalism of the place, I suggest the Al-Madinah City Hotel. Each of the 43 rooms is equipped with satellite TV, air-conditioning, fire alarm system, mini-bar, free wi-fi and has an ensuite bathroom. The City Hotel is only a block away from the National Museum and Handicrafts Lane. Rates begin at about USD 63 per night but may vary according to season.