Taj Lake Palace Hotel – Princely At Its Best

Alice in Wonderland was a truly inspiring story. Who doesn’t believe in fairy tales? Fairy tales offer that solace for one to break away from the hustle-bustle of daily life, and planning a vacation at the Taj Lake Palace provides that dreamy ambience of yesteryears. The Palace is located at Lake Pichola’s heart. The construction involved in its building is pure white marble. It’s a magnificent piece of artwork that’s glitzy through the vibrant mosaics at night. It truly is one of the most romantic art pieces.

The Palace was built by the 62nd successor of Mewar Dynasty, Maharana Jagat Singh II in 1746. He’s thought to be a direct descendent of Sun God. Myth has a way to play a trick on the mind, and dreamers can be kings under the sun for the memorable time spent here.

 Taj Lake Palace Hotel

The Palace’s background is filled with Aravalli Mountains’ omnipresence. On the other side of the Lake, there’re majestic palaces. The Taj Lake Palace spreads around 4 acres of space. At times, it does remind us of the Taj Mahal as the marble structure resembles Taj Mahal’s architecture. Royal butlers’ descendants are assigned for traveler’s comforts where guests are equally treated with a royal feel to it.

Located in Udaipur, the Taj Lake Palace does look like a decorated lotus surrounded by the ripples of Lake Pichola that reflects the architecture to its true might. The Palace truly depicts the heritage and tradition of Udaipur’s rulers who once lived here. You can’t escape the royal touch, and it starts as soon as you enter the Palace. You could proclaim yourself as a self-styled king. The airport is 27 km from the Palace that could be reached in 40 mins. Railway Station is 4 km, and the heart of the city is just a kilometer away.

 Taj Lake Palace Hotel 2

There are 83 rooms in total including 17 Suites. Most of the hotel’s rooms provide a good, catchy glimpse of the lake. Jag Mandir Palace and Aravalli Mountains are an added delight for the eyes too. Every room of the Taj Palace has facilities for direct dialing, LCD screens, exclusive bars, DVD player, personal safe, hair dryer and internet access (wireless).

All the rooms have a princely, royal touch to them. Besides the lake views from the rooms, it also offers the serenity of Lily pond.

Rang Mahal means ‘Palace of Colors.’ The Suite that houses the Royal Spa is located at an ancient site within the Palace. This Suite is stretched to 2 levels and has both massage room and Jacuzzi.

Royal Suites have well-preserved ancient architecture, stained window panes and amazing interiors. All kinds of guest amenities are on offer with separate sitouts if desired.

If you’ve ever dreamt of tall ceilings, then the best place is the deeply carved Grand Royal Suites that has paintings and classy glasswork. All these depict Rajasthan’s rich culture. Bathrooms have switch lite glass windows, rainforest showers, crystal chandeliers and unique artworks.  Most of the bathrooms have plenty of marble touch to them, and the elegant Jacuzzi tubs complete the finishing touches it required.