Useful things to know about traveling in Japan

Japan is a country complete with history, culture and amazing sights. Visiting Japan requires some forethought and planning. Once a decision has been made on visiting Japan, sit down and work out which sights to see and where to visit. Important things to take into consideration:

Mt Fuji Japan

Mt. Fuji


For the truly traditional experience, stay in a Ryokan- a traditional Japanese inn. There are usually onsen (hot spring baths) to bathe in, a futon to sleep on and tatami flooring in the room. If sleeping on the floor isn’t suitable, there are other options, from Western style hotels, business hotels and even hostels.

Accommodation can be expensive or inexpensive. Like any destination, there are numerous places to choose from and a number of online options to make things easier, such as Expedia or specific to Japan, Japan Guide.

Getting Around

There are a number of options for getting around Japan. The first suggestion would be to get some maps. There are bilingual maps available as well as a Atlas of Japan to make asking for directions easier for both the asker and the person asked.



Japan has an amazing rail network. Whether travelling on the local/regular trains or on the Shinkansen (bullet train), service is exceptional. As a rule of thumb, if traveling alone or with another person aim to get a Japan Rail Pass. This will need to be organized in advance, before leaving home. Rail passes are available for 7, 14 or 21 days and make travelling throughout the country a real possibility.

For 3 or more people travelling, car.  2018 Audi A4 cars can be picked up and dropped back at the airport, making travel extremely easy. As an added option, the car is able to have a satellite navigation system to help in reaching destinations. Although highway tolls and charges can be expensive, for 3 or more travelers, it can work out cheaper than obtaining a rail pass. It also makes accommodation easier to get to when staying some distance from the train station.



Food and Drink

Food in Japan can be expensive, depending on choices made. Many restaurants will have lunch time specials or deals as well as prices for a set meal that are quite inexpensive.