Vacation Resorts and Hotels in Belize

Belize is located in Central America and is one of the many countries bordered by the Caribbean Sea.

It is an amazing vacation destination with numerous high-rise beach resorts and hotels, generally lining splendid beaches or providing lavish mountain views. For all inclusive resorts in Belize go to The official language in Belize is English, although Spanish and Kriol are also spoken. What makes Belize a unique vacation location is the fact that it is the only one in the area that was once a British colony and yet it was greatly influenced by Caribbean culture. This makes the country’s heritage intriguing and exclusive, providing plenty of opportunities for exploration, as well as many tourist locations. The tropical climate of Belize ensures a pleasurable experience all throughout the year. There are designated dry and wet seasons, allowing tourists to enjoy the sun at the beaches, as well as the green widely spread forests.

Banana Beach Resort San Pedro

For a luxurious and spoiling stay in Belize tourists should book vacation packages at the Cayo Espanto Resort. It is a privately owned island, offering a unique and memorable tropical experience to all visitors. The white sands and crystal waters will cater to every need of travelers visiting Belize, creating unique memories and providing well deserved rest and relaxation. The site is conveniently located in the western region of Belize, only three miles away from San Pedro. The hotel also provides a private and personalized experience in a location that is secluded, yet well connected to the mainland. The Mayan Princess Hotel is another great place for a luxurious accommodation experience while vacation in Belize. It is situated in the downtown area of San Pedro and offers a magnificent cultural experience, as well as plenty of fun activities such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, cave tubing, hiking and many more.

For travelers on the budget, Belize has plenty of hotels to offer as well. One of the best locations to stay at affordable prices is Singing Sands Inn, where guests have chance to benefit on a very pleasant sojourn. This hotel is situated on Maya Beach and is home to the breathtaking and scenic Placencia Lagoon, with plenty of snorkeling and diving opportunities. Actually, it is the ideal tourist site for a family vacation or a romantic getaway to Belize. The private strand on site is a splendid location for lounging and catching some sun. The Coconuts Caribbean Hotel is another great lodging option, offering spacious rooms and amazing views of the water and surroundings. The hotel complex is situated right on the Ambergris Caye waterfront, not too far to San Pedro.

Belize is a splendid vacation destination both for nature and history lovers. There are plenty of sightseeing tours, both on water and in the mainland that offer amazing exploration opportunities. Some of the most popular tourist sites in Belize are the Baron Bliss Lighthouse, the Gulisi Garifuna Museum and Hawksworth Bridge. For all who wish to get close to local cultural heritage, the Museum of Belize and Las Banquitas House of Culture are “must visit” spots. The architecture in the area is also worth touring, mostly the Supreme Court Building, St. John’s Cathedral and the Swing Bridge, where tourists can explore the British heritage of this splendid Caribbean retreat. The very rewarding vacation packages to luxury hotels and resorts in Belize complete the numerous and various things to do. As a result, Belize becomes a more and more famous travel destination in the Caribbean region.