What to review if you buy a used golf cart

Investing in a used golf cart can save up to half of what it would cost a new one, so it’s a great friendly option for your pocket. However, there are always factors you should consider when you purchase one, and review individual components is one of them.

How to review the components of your golf cart

Start by reviewing the body of the cart, both aesthetically and its structure. The body of the vehicle should have no visible signs of damage. Sometimes factors such as minor flaws are often overlooked, but in the case of a golf cart these are very important. So, although if the price is low it is not advisable to buy one with visible marks or scratches.

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Naturally, you also have to check the vehicle components such as tires. Make sure they do not have punctures or visible damage, check the air pressure and replace worn tires immediately. Doing so will not cost more than 80 euros.

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The canopy is also important, during the review take the cup and shake it gently to check stability. But before you must do a Golf Course in Levante.

And don´t forget the battery. All of them are marked with a unique code that is alphanumeric, which indicates the month and year that the battery was manufactured. Letters A to L respectively, indicate the months of the year (A = January B = February H = August, etc.). Looking at this detail you can determine, more accurately, how much longer will the battery last, which usually last a total of 6 years.